Proza fictionala

    ” Era fericita de tot ce vedea. Se plimba toata ziua in acele delicioase tramvaie sibiene , de la ” Orasul de Sus ” , la ” Orasul de  Jos ” , si o amuzau chipul taxatorilor , ca al ofiterilor vienezi , rochiile greoaie ale sasoaicelor , rochiile de provincie , cu agrafe , cu flori , cu noduri. Daca ar fi avut un bloc de hartie cu ea , ar fi desenat , caci gasea pretutindeni motive de desen. ”

( Mihail Sebastian , Accidentul )


7 răspunsuri la Proza fictionala

  1. Genna Gemma zice:

    It s a wonderful site here. I ve learned many things about jewish people and messianics. God bless you Otniella with all His blesses.

  2. Karen Silagy zice:

    Schalom Otniella
    I like very much your site You write very well about interesting daily things in the world, connected with Israel people. I bless you in amount by the wonderful God of Israel. My granma was an hungarian jew. She was at Auschwitz. May the Almighty confort jewish people.

    • Dear Karen, Shalom !
      What a lovely thing to meet you my site, my dear sister in Yeshua . May God confort your granma and offer she a great Shalom in her heart. My mother is a hungarian jew also, many of her relatives in Hungaria died in nazy `s camps, at Treblinka , Sobibor, Birkenau . Yes, the only One Conforter is the Holy Spirit ! Praised be Adonai forever ! I am happy you like my site and waiting you come and visit it any time. Bless you in Yeshua `s Name !!!

  3. parc bébé zice:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful post. Be blessed Otniella. Go on …

  4. Excellent posts this site ! Thanks for share such a good interesting post. Go on , Otniella. May God be with you.

  5. Abby Wolfe zice:

    Wonderful site Otniella Bat Zion ! Nice post full of content that I like very much..the stories deserves to be read by everybody. Thamks ! God bless !!!

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