Biografii ( ” la minut ” )

          ”  Istoria nu este decat povestea visurilor si a iluziilor noastre , si singurul scop pe care si-l poate propune istoricul este acela de a cauta geneza acestor visuri si acestor iluzii. Nu trebuie sa le dispretuim , caci noi suntem cei care le-au creat si care continuam sa fim guvernati de ele. „

                                                  ( Gustave Le Bon )

5 răspunsuri la Biografii ( ” la minut ” )

  1. Anita - Nehmina zice:

    Dear Otniella Shalom. I am a messianic jew from Spain and I want to greet you in the Name of Yeshua ha Meschiach. I am very pleased to find you blogging at random, suddenly the Ruach ha Akkodesch told me that you are a messianic like me .
    I like your blog and I put it at my favourites. I belong to a messianic congregation in Madrid . What about you ? Are you many in Romania ?
    I want for you a lot of happiness annointed by Adon Adoneinu Meschiach. Be blessed by Him , Battzion.

  2. Dear Anita – Nehmina ,
    I `m glad you `ve came my site and met you here. Nice you belong to a Messianic Congregation in Madrid , I belog to one here , in Bucharest. There are not many messianics in Romania but they are very warm for Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the King. Hope you are more there, in Spain, it should be becouse there were many jews in Spain.
    I `m also glad you like my site. Welcome any time you want. And now I wish you a bleesed happy Shabat time , enjoy in the Lord Yeshua. Shabat Shalom !

  3. Anita - Nehmina zice:

    Shalom Iaha , Otniella !!!!

    Adon Adoneinu bless you with a special grasp of Shekinah upon your life. Thank you for your answer. We ll keep in touch with the site, now I m reading it every night.

  4. Shalom , Anita ! I`m glad ! Toda for such a wonderful blessing. May Shekkinah be also with you, we need more and more ADONAI `s Glory in our lives and work.
    Be blessed from Zion !

  5. Dramis zice:

    Fain blog ! Va felicit pentru creativitate si inteligenta. Aveti un continut bogat si divers asa ca tineti-o tot asa , e interesant ce faceti. Sunt pasionat de civilizatia evreiasca si nu stiam ca exista evrei care sa creada in Iisus Hristos al crestinilor. Va voi vizita de-acum incolo..shalom .

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