Diverse 2 – Interesante

1 Prof. Tony D`Accre Barat: Purimul in Romania. Explicatii de Lingvistica Istorica.

2. Un ministru mort la datorie. Urmariti aici unul dintre ultimile sale interviuri.

3. Ce este Crestinismul, mai ales cel autentic? Un raspuns interesant gasiti aici.

4. Codul Bibliei .  Un documentar foarte interesant despre descifrarea secretelor lingvistic – numerologice , aici.


8 răspunsuri la Diverse 2 – Interesante

  1. Iulian zice:

    Cine se naste o data, moare de doua ori;
    cine se naste de doua ori, moare o singura data.

  2. Shalom, Iulian!

    Adevar grait-ai! Cu siguranta , cine se se naste de doua ori – de fapt, cine se naste a doua oara, ” din apa si din Duh „ – nu mai moare , ci doar se muta , Dincolo, la Domnul Vietii ( Ioan 11:25 ). Slava Lui in veci !

  3. Dana zice:

    Exista o organizatie care recruteaza voluntari pentru IDF, si m-am gandit ca ar fi bine sa postez link-ul :
    In continuare am postat regulamentul de ordine interioara pentru a va forma o idee cam ce implica un program de voluntariat in Israel.

    Rules for Staying at Sar-El Hostel:
    Beit Oded
    Beit Oded is named after Major Oded Hermoni, who died in the Yom Kippur War. Today Beit Oded is the Sar-El hostel for the use of the volunteers on the weekends. Beit Oded has approximately 70 beds. Meals are provided, however, they are minimal so you may wish to eat out to supplement the food. We at Beit Oded will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, but there are some rules that the volunteers must follow. If you do not follow the rules, you will not be allowed to stay.
    1. Each person must clean up after meals.
    2. On Sat. night, after Shabbat, there will be a general cleaning of the building, which will include ALL volunteers. No one can leave the building until the cleaning is completed.
    3. On Sunday morning your rooms must cleaned before you check out. The rooms will be checked by a staff person before you can leave on Sunday morning.
    4. Every person must keep his room clean during the weekend.
    5. Volunteers are not allowed to enter the staff office or use the telephone in the office.
    6. At the end of your stay, give your linens to the soldier in the reception area.
    7. You are not allowed to bring food into Beit Oded. You are not allowed to bring any “outside” food into the dining room.
    8. There is no TV for volunteers.
    9. There are no keys to the rooms. Do not leave valuables in the rooms.
    10. Please conserve on your use of plastic cups, etc.
    11. If you do not do your share of cleaning, you will not be allowed back.
    12. No alcohol, drugs, smoking, nor proselytizing is allowed. You cannot enter Beit Oded if you are drunk or not in control of yourself. If you do any of these things, you will not be allowed to stay & will not be allowed back in the future.
    13. Men & women cannot be in each other’s rooms or floors.
    14. Visitors are not allowed in the building, including volunteers who did not “check in” for the weekend.
    15. Smoking is only allowed on the Roof—please use ashtrays.
    16. Do not remove mattresses from your rooms.
    17. Do not throw things from the roof.
    18. Do not switch rooms without telling Ray or a staff person
    19. When you enter the building, put your Beit Oded card on the bulletin board. When you leave the building, take your card with you. You will not be allowed to enter without your ID card.
    20. Keep your passport copy with you all the time.
    21. You must follow the staff’s orders. Ray Teyken is the Supervisor of Beit Oded & is in charge. If you have questions or remarks, talk to Ray.
    22. Hours:
    -Check-in is 3:00pm on Thursday
    -General meeting at 3:30 where you will be given instructions, sheets & room assignments.
    -Sat. night cleaning after Shabbat.
    -Check-out is 8:00am on Sunday
    -Sunday A.M. cleaning before checkout.
    -Curfew—12:00 midnight. If you are not back by then, you cannot enter until 6:00am.
    Meals: Breakfast: 7:30-8:30 Fri. & Sat.
    7:00-8:00 Sunday
    Lunch: 1:00-2:00 Fri. & Sat
    Dinner: 7:00-8:00 Fri. & Sat.
    Ordine si disciplina perfecta!
    Dumnezeu sa binecuvanteze Israelul si Biserica !

  4. Dana zice:

    Organizatia SAR-EL , voluntariat pentru Israel, are o reprezentanta in Romania:
    Ceea ce m-a surprins este ca prea mult succes nu a avut ,mai sus numita organizatie, in Romania avand in vedere ca in 2009 a recrutat un singur candidat si in 2010 doi candidati.
    Practic romanii sunt mai mult decat indiferenti fata de Israel.
    „I will bless those who bless Israel” Genesis 12:3
    Dumnezeu sa binecuvantaze Israelul!

  5. Dana zice:

    Savua Tov,
    Daca doriti sa studiati Biblia acest site va poate veni in ajutor:

    Iata si descrierea ei din link :

    The sacred-texts Polyglot Bible displays the text of the Hebrew, Septuagint Greek, New Testament Greek, Vulgate Latin, and King James Versions of the Bible in columnar format.

    The King James Version contains links to Strong’s Lexicon entries which cross-reference the Hebrew Tanach and the Greek New Testament. There are some minor errors in the Strong’s voweled Hebrew entries which we intend to fix at some point. When in doubt, consult the Hebrew text on the main Polyglot pages.

    There are known discrepancies in the numbering of the Book of Psalms, starting with chapter 9. The Septuagint and Vulgate Psalm 9 includes the KJV and Hebrew Psalm 10. This discrepancy continues to the end of the Book of Psalms. In addition, there is one extra verse at the beginning of each Psalm which is not translated in the KJV, so the KJV verse numbering is off as well. Lastly, the Septuagint has a 151st Psalm which is not contained in any of the other versions.

    Pace si binecuvantare in Numele lui Yeshua Ha Mashiah !

  6. I m only a smilling visitor here, your site. Thanks for every article shared on it. God bless you Otniella, daughter of Zion !

  7. ernestina_hutcheon zice:

    Schallom, very descriptive post, I liked that bit, thanks otnielabattzion !

  8. maria.la zice:

    Chiar interesante! Multă pace.

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