Cultură şi civilizaţie iudaică

SHALOM CHAVERIM! Aici veti gasi informatii placute si utile ( sper, asa sa le considerati )  despre integritatea cultural-iudaica, mentionata in context mesianic. Mesianismul respecta traditia iudaica , pastrand in sanul sau obiceiurile si sarbatorile evreiesti mentionate in Tanach. De asemenea respecta identitatea iudaica in marea armonie revelata in  Tanach- Tora, Profetii si celelalte Scrieri, si in  Brit Chadasha.
Evreii care L-au recunoscut si acceptat ca Mashiah pe Yeshua Ben David, raman evrei ” in carne si in sange „, apartenenta la o religie nu le poate schimba identitatea, tot asa dupa cum rabbi Sha`ul ( alias apostolul Pavel ) a ramas evreu in sufletul,  in mintea si in carnea lui , atunci cand L-a slujit pe Cel mai Mare Evreu al tuturor timpurilor ( Romani 9: 1-5 ) .


30 de răspunsuri la Cultură şi civilizaţie iudaică

  1. Nelu zice:

    Samson și Dalila. Despre ”femeia” care se înstăpânește asupra ”bărbatului”

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  5. Karen Charsky zice:

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  6. Phill C. Gates zice:

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  7. Dear friends , Karen Charsky and Phill C. Gates

    I thank you very much for your visit . Thanks for encouragement and appreciation . I `m very blessed with such wonderful visitors and friends. May Adonai bless you !
    And Happy New Year !

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    • Dear Cecilia , I am so happy you found and visited my site. I am honoured , belive me. But the biggest joy is to find that you love the jewish people. We are living in a world full of hate and rejection and it`s our duty do not allow it to be so cruel. It depends on each of us. If everybody is conscious about his / her acting in the world , we do hope that the evil will not be lifted at its high level.
      Be blessed Cecilia by The God of Abraham. I`m waiting for you anytime you want to come back my site.

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  18. Cindy Reyman zice:

    Very good post Otniella ! Hashem bless you ! Keep doing on …

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  22. Benjamin B. zice:

    Hi, Schallom dear Otniella Bat Zion ! I m grateful to God Almighty for finding your website. hanks for such a daghter of Zion ! be blessed and do on your blessed work. Adonay gives you peace. love in our Messiah , your brother Benjamin.

  23. rodrigo- cohen zice:

    Hi, Otniella Bat Zion ! I m very happy to find your site…I wish you these great Holidays much peace , joy, and rest in your heart. HaShem Elohim – Lord God Almighty shadows you under His wings. Shannah Tovah Umetukkah ! A sweet good year and a name signed in God s Book of Life!!!!!!!!!!

  24. wendygable zice:

    You are wonderful Otniella Bat Zion. Thank you!!!!!! May God bless you all jewish people in the world. May God bless Israel and the Holy Land!!!!!!!

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