Israelul si Biserica in Lumina Bibliei – ( 3 )

     Si Eu Il voi ruga pe Tatal , si EL va va da Un Alt Mangaietor , care sa ramana cu voi in veac ; si anume Duhul Adevarului , pe care lumea nu – L poate primi , pentru ca nu-L vede si nu-L cunoaste ; dar voi IL cunoasteti , caci ramane in voi si va fi in voi ( Yohanan  14: 16-17 ).

Shalom , Prieteni !     

Cand Yeshua Ha Mashiach le-a spus ucenicilor Sai : ” Iata ca EU sunt cu voi in toate zilele , pana sfarsitul veacului ” ( Matei 28 : 20 ) , a stiut ca din punct de vedere fizic , are doar o perioada scurta de timp de sedere in mijlocul lor. De fapt , nu mult dupa ce a facut acesta declaratie , S-a inaltat la cer. Cu toate aceste Domnul Isus S-a rugat Tatalui sa trimita Un Alt Mangaietor , exact ca EL , care sa locuiasca cu preaiubitii Sai frati pentru totdeauna.  Acest Mangaietor este Duhul Sfant ; EL este Acela care ne aduce in Prezenta Tatalui si a Fiului  astazi. Biblia spune in Efeseni 1 : 13-14 : ” …ati crezut in EL si ati fost pecetluiti cu Duhul Sfant , care fusese fagaduit , si care este o arvuna a mostenirii noastre , pentru rascumpararea celor castigati de Dumnezeu , spre lauda Slavei Lui.”  Asadar , Duhul Sfant este Arvuna – plata in avans –  a Posesiei Achizitionate. Prin urmare , exact ca si arvuna  ( sau garantia ) care nu poate fi luata unapoi , nici Duhul Sfant nu va fi retras , ci va ramane cu noi pana la finalizarea Mantuirii Vesnice. EL va fi cu noi pana cand tot ce a planificat ADONAI in Mesia , Fiul Sau Preaiubit , va fi adus la indeplinirea perfecta ; aceasta stare este ceea ce Biblia numeste  sfarsitul veacului.
Iubiti frati in Mashiach – Christos Domnul , Ruach Ha Kodesh – Spiritul Tatalui si al Fiului , Persoana a Dumnezeirii – nu va va parasi niciodata , cu exceptia celor ce s-au pierdut in apostazia si in  respingerea continua si deliberata a Mantuirii. Lucrarea Lui este sa ajute , sa calauzeasca , sa sfatuiasca , sa zideasca si sa mangaie copiii lui Dumnezeu , pana la Revenirea Fiului in Slava . De aceea sa-I dam voie sa lucreze in inimile noastre , in vietile si Comunitatile noastre in toata Plinatatea Revarsarii  Sale. Sa-L lasam sa lucreze ! Cu Daruri  si Semne care IL vor glorifica pe Regele nostru, care ne vor intari in omul nostru launtric si , inevitabil , care vor distruge lucrarile celui rau.



Despre otnielabattzion - עותניאלה בת ציון

Evreica mesianica
Acest articol a fost publicat în Marturii, Predici, Teologie si Spiritualitate. Pune un semn de carte cu legătura permanentă.

19 răspunsuri la Israelul si Biserica in Lumina Bibliei – ( 3 )

  1. Anca Gore zice:

    Slavit sa fie Dumnezeu pentru acest articol Otniela. Mi-ati facut o mare bucurie . Stiam ca Il onorati pe Duhul lui Dumnezeu si ca D-voastra credeti in manifestarile Lui.
    Fratele Petrica Lascau este foarte clar in predicile dansului. Intotdeauna ma zidesc cand il ascult.
    Binecuvantata fiti Otniela !

  2. Dana zice:

    Shabat Shalom,

    This portion of Scripture will be read in synagogues all over the world this
    Shabbat (Saturday). Please read it along with us. We know you will be blessed!

    NASO (Lift up)
    Numbers 4:21–7:89; Judges 13:2–25; Acts 23:20–24

    “Take [naso] a census also of the Gershonites by their families and clans.”
    (Numbers 4: 22)
    Last week, Parsha Bamidbar (In the Desert) was read just before the Biblical
    holiday of Shavuot, which is regarded as the day when the Torah was given
    on Mount Sinai and as the wedding of Israel to God. In that Torah portion,
    God commands that a census be taken of Israel.
    This week’s Torah study continues with the numbering of the Levitical families,
    detailing their duties. Each man was to be named for a specific task.
    “At the Lord’s command through Moses, each was assigned his work and told
    what to carry.” (Numbers 4: 49)
    This ensured an equitable distribution of the work.
    A Model for Community Living
    “Count the Merarites by their clans and families. Count all the men from
    thirty to fifty years of age who come to serve in the work at the tent of
    meeting.” (Numbers 4: 29–30)
    This Parsha models community living, especially in regard to serving
    the Lord.
    When we live and work together in community, and everyone has their own
    assigned tasks so that each carries part of the load, the burden does not fall
    too heavily on a few key individuals.
    This is the ideal behind the communal lifestyle of the Israeli kibbutz
    movement. It’s also the lifestyle of the early kehillah – the early community
    of Believers.
    “Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold
    their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.”
    (Acts 2: 44–45)
    We are called to fulfill the Torah of loving one another by helping bear
    one other’s burdens. We may accomplish this in practical ways for those
    overloaded with responsibilities, but also through the act of encouraging and
    comforting those who are carrying heavy emotional burdens.
    But the Lord did not leave us relying totally on one another. Yeshua (Jesus)
    gives us rest when we are tired and burdened.”Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you
    rest.” (Matthew 11: 28)
    But to experience that rest, we must be willing to go to Him, laying aside our
    self-sufficiency, and trust Him with our worries, cares and anxieties down.
    “Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)
    please click here to give a gift to the Lord and and Receive Blessings to your Soul
    Jealousy and Trust
    “…if feelings of jealousy come over her husband and he suspects his wife and
    she is impure—or if he is jealous and suspects her even though she is not
    impure—then he is to take his wife to the priest.” (Numbers 5: 14–15)
    This Parsha also deals with the law of jealousy. God gave Israel a way to
    manage jealousy and suspicion in marriage. Interestingly enough, the Hebrew
    word for marriage is nissuin, which is plural for naso (lift up), the name of
    this week’s Parsha.
    God’s intention for marriage is to lift us up.
    Sometimes, however, the green-eyed monster of jealousy drags a relationship
    down. According to this Parsha, if a husband became jealous and suspected his
    spouse of unfaithfulness, his suspicions might be valid or invalid.
    Thus, to resolve this issue of trust, which is necessary for the success of any
    relationship, the Cohen (priest) would bring the woman in question before
    the Lord and administer a test to determine her guilt or innocence.

    The Cohen (priest) would utter an oath that, if she were innocent, would
    protect her from the curse; however, if she were guilty, she would come under
    the curses that were written on a scroll and dissolved into bitter waters.
    The woman would commit to this oath by responding, ”Amen. Amen.”
    (Numbers 5: 22)
    Although the word amen is traditionally considered an acronym for “Eli
    Melech, Ne’eman“ (God, Faithful King), the Hebrew word amen comes from
    the root that means believe, confirm, and support. Amen is also related to the
    Hebrew word emunah (faith), which is derived from the same root.
    When people respond “amen” to a vow or oath, they are coming into
    agreement with it, and it’s as if they swear the oath themselves.
    The woman would then drink the waters of bitterness that the priest had
    prepared. It would either bring her guilt to light or clear her as innocent.
    It’s evident from Numbers 5:30 that a spirit of jealousy (ruach kinah) can
    come upon a person.
    “…when the spirit [ruach] of jealousy [kinah] comes upon a man.”
    (Numbers 5: 30)
    Jealousy, when it is suspicious, overbearing, possessive and demanding, is
    ugly and sinful.
    Jealousy, however, can also be virtuous, and it’s not necessarily a negative
    thing in an intimate relationship. It’s appropriate to be passionate and to
    desire undivided loyalty, devotion and faithfulness. No moral spouse wants
    to share a partner with someone else.
    “Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as
    strong as death, its jealousy [kinah] unyielding as the grave. It burns like
    blazing fire, like a mighty flame.” (Song of Songs 8: 6)
    In fact, the Hebrew word for jealousy (kinah) is also often translated zeal,
    as in the following Messianic prophecy:
    “Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end. He will
    reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it
    with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal [kinah]
    of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.” (Isaiah 9: 7)
    Can a Holy God be Jealous?
    It’s supremely evident in Scripture that God regards Israel as His
    special treasure, even as a wife (Hosea 2: 19). He protects Israel because
    she is precious to him.
    Indeed, in Exodus 34: 14, we see that one of the names for God is El Kanah
    (Jealous God). Since God is holy, we can know that there is an expression
    of jealousy that is not rooted in selfishness, but in love and holiness.
    This theme carries over into the Brit Chadashah (New Covenant), where we
    read that our God is passionately devoted to us, and therefore jealous of our
    “Are we trying to arouse the Lord’s jealousy? Are we stronger than he?”
    (1 Corinthians 10: 22)

    The Aaronic Benediction
    “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you
    peace.” (Numbers 6: 24–26)
    This week’s study ends with one of the most famous passages in the Book
    of Numbers: The Aaronic Benediction (Numbers 6: 24–27).
    Since this blessing was pronounced over the people by the priest, we
    understand from this passage, that words are important and powerful.
    In fact, Scripture says that the power of life and death is in the tongue
    (Proverbs 18: 21).
    Let’s examine this meaningful passage that so beautifully states God’s will
    for our lives.
    The Lord bless [y’varech’cha] you: The first element of the
    benediction is blessing. The Hebrew word bless is barak. This word
    shares the same root as knee (berech). In fact, the word barak means
    to bless and to kneel. It takes real humility to get down on our knees
    and receive the blessing of God.
    and keep you: The word keep is shomer which means to guard,
    watch over and protect from all evil, sickness, poverty and calamity.
    The Lord make his face to shine on you: In this benediction, the Hebrew
    word panav (His face) is repeated twice, which indicates that we can
    enjoy an intimate, face-to-face relationship with God. God’s face
    shining on us indicates His attention, favor, light and friendship.
    and be gracious unto you: When we seek the face of God, instead of
    just His hands – what He can give us, He will cause His favor and grace
    to be poured out upon us.
    “It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them
    victory; it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face [panim],
    for you loved them.” (Psalms 44: 3)
    The Lord lift up [naso] His face [panav] upon you: Here toward the
    end of this week’s Parsha, we once again see the name of the Torah
    reading: naso, which means lift up or elevate. We also see the second
    usage of the term panav (His face) in this meaningful benediction.
    and give you peace [shalom]: The pinnacle of this blessing is shalom
    (peace). We can experience this shalom (peace) even in the midst of a
    storm. Peace is the inheritance of the children of God, as Yeshua said,
    “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. (John 14: 27)”
    The Lord is longing to be gracious to us and to bless us. He wants us to
    receive His blessing, divine protection, favor, the light of His face, and also
    peace, wholeness, and completion – in Him!
    The Aaronic Benediction ends with these words: “So they will put My name
    on the Israelites, and I will bless them.” (Numbers 6: 27)
    It’s the name of God upon us that blesses us, establishes us and makes us
    successful, even gaining for us the victory in all our battles.
    “Through you we push back our enemies; through your name we trample our
    foes.” (Psalm 44: 5)
    As the Cohanim (priests) blessed the people of Israel, they were to remember
    that it’s ultimately God who blesses. Likewise, as people bless us, let us be
    mindful that God is the ultimate source of all blessing.
    Our ministry team speaks this blessing over you today:
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.
    May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.
    The Lord lift up His face upon you, and give you peace.
    For all of you who have consecrated yourselves to the Lord, who have
    dedicated yourselves to be a blessing to Israel and the Jewish People, may
    these prophetic words be of comfort to you:
    “’Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing
    love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,’ says
    the Lord, who has compassion on you.” (Isaiah 54: 10)
    Shabbat Shalom from all our ministry staff! ( din )

  3. Aurora Sezonov zice:

    Multumim pentru cintarea Cobori, Cobori, mi-a facut mare bucurie si mi-a trezit amintiri duioase din trecut.

  4. un ucenic zice:

    salom. frumos post ne-ati pus la dispozitie Otniela . fratele Petrica Lascau este un om umplut cu Duhul Sfant.
    am o intrebare numai pentru Otniela…spuneti-mi evreii mesianici cred in botezul cu Duh Sfant ? sunt din ei botezati cu Duhul Sfant.? altfel de ce l-ati fi pus oare pe fratele Lascau ? sunt foarte curios in aceasta privinta, cum este lucrarea Duhului Sfant intre mesianici ? astept raspunsul dvs Otniela .

  5. Adrian Boluda zice:

    Sarut mainile ! Shalom ! Eu am studiat ceva despre botezul cu Duh Sfant desi nu provin dintr-o biserica care sa promoveze acest detaliu al crestinismului.
    Este vorba despre aceeasi intrebare adresata de ” un uceenic. ” Spuneti-mi va rog, Otniela , evreii mesianici au vorbirea in limbi ? In bisericile mesianice se promoveaza astfel de lucruri?
    Va multumesc. Predica pastorului Lascau este foarte buna. Indemnurile Dvs si melodia Cobori , Cobori , Duhule Sfant, la fel de inspirate.

  6. Valentina Radu zice:

    Shalom ! Vai da ce frumoasa este Cobori, Cobori. De ce nu se mai canta astazi in bisericile noastre ? …e un imn vechi care si acum are frumusete.
    Adevarat predica fr. Lascau este foarte clara. Mi-a placut. Slavit sa fie Duhul Sfant ! Multumim pentru toate incurajarile Dvs de pe acest blog. Fiti ocrotita si ascultata in toate rugaciunile Otniela.

  7. Sima C. C. zice:

    Salom. Interesant blog . V-am descoperit de vreo trei zile doar…
    Ce sa mai spun si eu ? Predica fratelui P. Lascau este foarte buna. Pentru Duhul Sfant au suferit multi. Uitat-va ce i-au facut fratelui Ton…eu provin de la baptisti . ( am vazut ca mai sunt ca mine pe-aici.. ). L-au aruncat ca pe o masea stricata fiindca a indraznit sa creada adevarul . Sa le fie de rusine la toti cei pentru care nu mai exista fratietate , prietenie , lucrare ci numai teorii goale, fara putere. Nici ei nu sunt cum trebuie si nici pe altii nu-i lasa , ca deh, isi pierd posturile grase de la Uniune. Uitat-va ce e pe blogurile baptiste. Mai mare rusinea ! Fratele Ton a facut ceva pentru baptistii din Romania , si inca in perioada comunista . Ei de-au facut ?? Praful de pe toba de la Craciun …
    Dumnezeu sa se indure de noi si sa scoata si altii ca fratele Ton. Tara aceasta are nevoie de astfel de oameni.

    • Sebastian R. zice:

      Salom. Domnule draga , eu va aprob. Fratele Ton a fost parintele meu spiritual si stiu prin ce-a trecut si cum l-au ” pus pe liber „. Dumnezeu sa aiba mila de ei.
      Si eu ma gandesc sa incep un studiu foarte serios despre plinatatea cu Duhul Sfant.
      Sarut mainile Otnielei ca nu ne lasa fara hrana spirituala. Dumnezeu sa-i rasplateasca slujba.

    • un ucenic zice:

      shalom. deh , fratilor …nu stiati ca traiti pe pamant ? ca biserica nu mai este asa ca in timpul Bibliei ? sunt multi Iuda in sanul adunarilor. la venirea Domnului Isus vor fi foarte putini luati, mai ales din cei cu Scriptura in mana, ca nu o tin pentru Dumnezeu ci pentru nevoile lor pamantesti. e clar ! da, e buna predica lui fratele Lascau ! bine e sa nu ne jucam cu lucrurile sfinte …

      • Marian Chioveanu zice:

        Shalom . Fratilor , da vad ca sinteti cam otarati . Nu va fie cu suparare si fiti mai ingaduitori cu fratii vostri. iertati-i …Domnul ne invata sa iertam.

      • Stimati Frati in Yeshua , Sima C.C , Sebastian R, un ucenic,
        Va spun Bun -Venit pe acest blog , desi sunteti nemultumiti si suparati, si ati tinut sa va manifestati intristarile aici. Desigur, in Poporul Domnului se intampla si lucruri nedorite, cazul fratelui Ton nu este singular. Intr-adevar , pentru Duhul Sfant, pentru Dumnezeu SE SUFERA !!! Sunt intru totul de acord ! Nu le putem avea pe toate cele pamantesti – chiar daca sunt bune si frumoase si apartin organizatiilor religioase – si pe Dumnezeu. Yeshua Ha Mashiach nu a chemat pe nimeni la o viata de huzur, dimpotriva ” pasarile cerului au cuiburi dar Fiul Omului n-are unde sa-Si plece Capul ” . Si daca e asa , si numai asa , cum oare nu vom plati pretul loialitatii fata de Fiul lui Dumnezeu ?
        Insa nu cred ca trebuie sa fim suparati pe oameni, ” noi nu ne luptam cu carnea si cu sangele ” ci cu alte forte mult mai obraznice, care ii apartin celui rau. Cu el am fost , si vom fi tot timpul in razboi , constienti ca toata biruinta este a Domnului nostru.Si cum ne vom lupta ? Bineinteles numai cu ARMELE LUMINII, arme care intotdeauna vor ramane tributare Roadei Duhului Sfant din viata noastra. Deci orice rabufnire de frustrare si de amaraciune noi o vom birui prin DRAGOSTE, BLANDETE, INDELUNGA RABDARE, FACERE DE BINE , MILA etc , adica ceea ce ne este prezentat de apostolul Pavel in Galateni 5 : 22-26. Sunt sigura ca toti fratii nostri care ne-au mahnit si deceptionat , intr-un fel sau altul, vor fi treziti la realitatea unei vieti cat mai aproape de Voia lui Dumnezeu , daca sunt sinceri in practicarea Credintei lor. Daca nu se vor trezi atunci e clar , printre noi trebuie sa fie si din acestia – lupi imbracati in piele de oaie – ca sa iasa la iveala ce este bun si curat. Oricum , Dumnezeu este in Controlul desavarsit al tuturor lucrurilor, Lucrarea este a Lui iar focalizarea noastra zilnica trebuie sa fie pe relatia cu EL.
        Va doresc mult Shalom in suflet , in familie si in viata . Sa fiti binecuvantati din Sion !

    • Sima C. C. zice:

      Shalom. Acum daca tot mi-ati raspuns lasati-ma sa va spun ca numai intristarea pentru lucrarea lui Dumnezeu m-a facut sa spun ce-am spus. Domnul sa se indure , sa ne indrepte la toti caile si sa nu ne uite defel . Numai El este dreptul judecator. Numai la El gasim dreptate. Eu am incercat multi ani sa o gasesc la oameni pana cand mi-am dat seama ca omul ramane om.

  8. Will Donte zice:

    Shalom Otniella. Good post .May the Holy Spirit be glorified in our lives forever and ever.
    God bless your ministry !!!!!!

  9. Elyiahu zice:

    Many blessings from Messianic Congregations in Haifa Israel. Kumi Ori ki va orech , Ukvod Adonai alayich zarach .
    Beviat Ha Moshiach . Bless you Bat Tazion !!!! Keep close To Israel.

  10. Marian Chioveanu zice:

    Duhul Sfant fie inaltat ! Foarte buna predica fratelui Petrica. Dumnezeu cu voi acolo si cu noi aici , departe de Romania noastra draga. Fiti binecuvantati cu mult Duh Sfant !

  11. Madi zice:

    Shalom Otniela . Multumesc pentru aceasta postare. Predica fratelui Lascau m-a ajutat sa inteleg diferenta dintre ” plinatatea Duhului Sfant ” si ” botezul cu Duh Sfant „. Slava lui Dumnezeu pentru fratele Petru Lascau !
    Cantarea corului de la Arad este minunata. Multa binecuvantare !

    • Dragi Prieteni ,
      Va multumesc pentru minunata Voastra participare la acest topic pretios dedicat Spiritului Sfant . Intr-adevar , Dumnezeul nostru , in Bunatatea Lui nemarginita , nu ne-a lasat orfani. Biserica lui Yeshua IL are pe Dumnezeu Insusi cu ea. Duhul Sfant nu este doar Puterea lui Dumnezeu , ci este DUMNEZEU – YAHWEH , la fel ca Tatal si Fiul. A veni cu alte perceptii si acceptiuni despre DUHUL SFANT este inutil , mai ales pe acest site. NOI CREDEM intr-UN DUMNEZEU UNIC – ECHAD – atat de UNIC incat TOATE CELE TREI SFINTE PERSOANE sunt UN SINGUR DUMNEZEU.
      Ne pare rau ca nu toti impartasesc aceste convingeri , din nefericire Satan reuseste sa-i amageasca pe multi cu idei in care se furiseaza unitarianismul, ba inca ii face sa se simta ” foarte evrei ” prin practicarea acestor erezii in care rastalmacirea Evangheliei lui Christos si minciuna sunt la loc de cinste. Credem ca acesti oameni ori nu L-au cunoscut niciodata pe Mantuitorul , si implicit pe Duhul Sfant , ori undeva , in umblarea lor cu Dumnezeu, s-a produs un click , declansat de vreun pacat nemarturisit si nepocait. In ambele cazuri trebuie de venit cu maxima pocainta si consacrare la Cruce. Numai acolo mintea si inima se pot curata de orice zgura. Numai asa apostazia poate fi evitata. Amin !
      In ceea ce -i priveste pe cei care IL cinstesc pe Duhul lui Christos , bineinteles ca deschiderea spre Darurile Duhului Sfant si Roada Duhului , este de ne- evitat. Dumnezeul nostru este UNUL Darnic si Milostiv ; EL este gata sa toarne , intr-o masura clatinata , toate binecuvantarile Sale. Odata cu intrarea triumfala a Duhului Sfant in lume , Acesta a continuat sa lucreze asa cum numai EL o poate face, cu semne si minuni care IL proslavesc pe Dumnezeu. Nu ne intereseaza daca altii cred sau nu cred aceasta Lucrare – Mantuirea oricum se ia cu navala – ne intereseaza sa luam tot ceea ce Dumnezeu are mai bun pentru noi, de fapt tot ceea ce ne-a promis in Cuvant.Iar daca EL ne-a promis in Cartea profetului Ioel 2 : 28 ca ” va turna Duhul Sau peste orice faptura, ca fiii si fiicele noastra vor prooroci, ca batranii vor visa visuri si tinerii vor avea vedenii ” , atunci noi alegem sa-L luam pe Dumnezeu pe Cuvant, lasandu-L sa lucreze in toata Frumusetea Sa, asa cum au facut urmasii lui Yeshua in primele veacuri ( Cartea Faptelor Apostolilor este Cartea Faptelor Duhului Sfant , Glorie Lui ! ). Amen ve Amen !
      Tuturor va doresc o viata in Plinatatea Prezentei Duhului Sfant ! Fiti binecuvantati din Sion !

      • @ Adrian Boluda , un ucenic. Da , foarte multi dintre mesianici au Botezul cu Duhul Sfant. In Congregatia Mesianica, multi dintre mesianici , mai ales dintre lideri , sunt charismatici. Mi se para o normalitate, cunoscand ce extraordinar charismatic era David.
        Serviciile noastre de inchinare sunt expresive si foarte vesele. Domnul Shabat-ului este Bucuria noastra ! Slavit fie Ha Shem !

  12. Dear Friends , Will Donte and Elyiahu ,
    Welcome ! It`s nice to have brothers and friends everywhere, all over the world. The Body of our Saviour is so large, as our Lord is. Praise The Lord Almighty ! I appreciate you love for God and for His People Israel. And becouse we are here at a topic dedicated to the Holy Spirit – Ruach Ha Kodesh – let `s lift up a pray for the Power of The Holy Spirit – Yahweh , surrounds always the gates and walls of Israel, land and people. Amen !
    May both of you be blessed with a wonderful Shalom ! May the Holy Ghost annoint you with a special Power , for working as much powerful is possible , enlarging Adonai `s Kingdom. Be blessed from Zion !

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