Paul Wilbur si Ierusalimul lui drag – ( 1 )

Dar oare,  numai al lui ?

Sunt mai bine de doua saptamani de la Yom Yerushalayim , si cu siguranta,  amintirea promisiunilor, editate divin,   Cetatii lui David , inca va staruie in minte si in inima, scumpii mei  frati si prieteni ( Psalmul 122 ).
Si daca Domnul nostru Drag a plans pentru acest Oras , se cuvine  – macar din cand in cand – copiii Domnului ,  rascumparati de Jertfa- I Pretioasa, sa-i aduca si ei  ca prinos, un simplu si sincer  SHALOM.

Fratii mei, evrei…! Maschiach al nostru , Yeshua Adonai Adohneinu, AICI ne va intampina pe toti. Si cu totii Il vom plange, cum plange cineva pe INTAIUL LUI NASCUT. Pentru ca intai trebuie sa vina TRISTETEA …, si apoi BUCURIA…

Despre otnielabattzion - עותניאלה בת ציון

Evreică mesianică al cărei crez se bazează pe certitudinea că Yeşua Ben Elohim este Unicul Mesia, Salvatorul Israelului şi al Neamurilor. / A jewish woman who believes in Yeshua Ha Mashiach, The greatest Rabbi and Reedemer, The only One Messiah for Jewish People, and Gentiles, too.
Acest articol a fost publicat în Muzică mesianică. Pune un semn de carte cu legătura permanentă.

7 răspunsuri la Paul Wilbur si Ierusalimul lui drag – ( 1 )

  1. Iulian zice:

    Frumoasa piesa !

  2. Razvan Baltac zice:

    Pacea sa fie intre zidurile tale, Ierusalime ! Domnul, Dumnezeul tau vegheaza asupra ta si te pazeste ! Nu te teme de nimic ! Dumnezeu sa binecuvanteze Israelul !

    • Shalom! – Razvan si Iulian,

      Ma bucur mult ca v-a placut Song-ul Yerushalayim-ului . Eu ascult deseori aceasta melodie – intr-adevar , Paul Wilbur s-a intrecut pe sine in interpretare – si de fiecare data simt Iubirea lui Adonai revarsandu-se in valuri mari si grele peste poporul Sau . Cum ar putea oare Tatal Ceresc sa-Si uite intaiul Lui nascut , Israelul ?
      Sa fiti binecuvantati, voi toti aceia care il binecuvantati pe Israel !

  3. Dana zice:


    Astazi am primit un e-mail interesant de la asociatia The Messianic Prophecy Bible Project, asociatie care ne ofera pericopa in fiecare Sabat.
    M-am gandit ca ar fi bine sa il cititi si dvs cititorii acestui blog.

    “Time is short,”
    said Rabbi Klein, an Orthodox Rabbi.

    The Messiah is coming soon. Yes, both Messiah ben Yoseph (son of Joseph) and Messiah ben David (son of David) have to come before the Temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt and the battle of Gog and Magog occurs,” Rabbi Klein said enthusiastically to the 10 people at the dining room table. “And then there will be judgment day,” he concluded.

    For the past two months, I have been attending two different Orthodox synagogues. One synagogue has about 250 members and the other, 300 members. God has given me favor in these Orthodox synagogues as everyone is very accepting of me, and they allow me to be open about my faith in Yeshua. I love being with Orthodox Jews as they are people who are usually very sensitive to God, and they love and honor HaShem (God) and His Word!
    Therefore I continue to attend these synagogues on Shabbat and during the week, as I am able to be myself and talk freely about Yeshua, as well as give testimony of the Ruach (Holy Spirit) in my life.
    Each Shabbat I end up speaking to about 5-10 different people about the Messianic prophecies, and everyone is intrigued by my faith and willing to speak to me as I continue to visit their synagogues and homes.
    Rabbi Klein has had me over to his home every Shabbat for lunch, and this week he invited another five people from his synagogue. Along with his family there were 10 of us at the table. They are all religious
    Jews. After the meal we discussed Scripture for the next 5 hours! I didn’t leave until 8:30 pm. One of the topics was Messiah ben Yosef!
    As I was sitting next to the Rabbi, I turned to him and said: “Doesn’t it make complete sense that Yeshua was Messiah ben Yoseph? We know that his earthly father who adopted him was Joseph, and of course Yeshua will be coming again as Messiah ben David as his lineage proves that he is also a descendant from the house of King David.”
    It’s amazing that the Jewish Scriptures don’t even talk about a Messiah ben Yoseph. However the rabbis write in the Talmud (Oral Law), in Succah 52a, that there will be a Messiah ben Yoseph. “Who else could this be other than Yeshua?” I asked. It must be the Spirit of God that put this into the hearts of the sages who wrote this in the Talmud.
    Of course there was dead silence, and no answer was given.
    Rabbi Klein is a very wise man, and one thing that he is completely right about is that Time is Short! He will tell you that we are living in very prophetic times.
    We are living in times like that of Sodom and Gomorrah, as thousands of Israelis recently lined the streets for the Gay Pride parades in Tel Aviv and the Holy City of Jerusalem.
    Today in the United States there are more than 1 million gay couples that are raising children. In Israel there are more than 30,000 gay Israelis, many of whom have adopted children oversees or had intercourse with a “donor” woman to produce children. The children are then raised by the gay couple.
    And a few years ago a man gave birth! He was born a woman, then had a sex change to become a man, and then He became pregnant and gave birth!
    Is this not proof that we are living in times worse than Sodom and Gomorrah? Do you believe that Time is Short before Yeshua returns?
    Rabbi Klein said: “Zev, I believe that we are in the end-times and that both Messiah ben Yosef and Messiah ben David will be coming soon . . . and then the Day of Judgment.”
    I’m sure that you are familiar with the scripture in Matthew 23 that says Yeshua (Jesus) will not return until the people of Israel say “Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai,” which in English means “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”
    Therefore it is important that this ministry is able to distribute Messianic Prophecy Bibles and continue to reach out to Israel so that the Jewish people can call upon the Name of the Lord.
    Judaism is full of false teachings such as the belief in reincarnation.
    “Zev, all Jews believe in reincarnation. This is traditional Jewish thought. It’s what the Jewish sages teach,” Rabbi Klein said. I then asked Yitzik, a Chasidic (ultra-Orthodox) Jew who was sitting across from me, Zipporah who sat next to me, and Rabbi Klein: “So tell me, who were you in each of your past lives?”
    “I was Monty Python,” Yitzik said jokingly. “None of you know who you were and neither does any other Jew that I ask. This is not Biblical and it’s a false teaching! King David said that you are born once and you die once!
    David repents after his first son from Batsheva dies. In 2 Samuel 12:23, he says: “But now he has died; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me.”
    One of the other guests, Avi, just looked at me wide-eyed and gently nodded in agreement. He was even more wide-eyed when I told him and the other guests at the table that I believed that Yeshua was the Messiah. He had never met another Jew who believed in Yeshua.
    Even though Rabbi Klein does not believe Yeshua is the Messiah, he does believe that Satan exists and that he has power to deceive and create false religions. We both agree that Buddhism was created by the powers of Satan after the first Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BCE. During this time the Shekinah (Presence of God that dwelt in the Temple) was not on the earth and other false religions were founded such as the Greek Gods. The Jewish tradition of reincarnation comes from the false religion of Buddhism.
    Even though Rabbi Klein believes in the Resurrection of the dead and Judgment Day, he believes that one enters Heaven based on how good you were in your life or lives if your soul was “recycled” (reincarnation).
    Other Jews who believe in reincarnation do not even believe in a Judgment day. They just believe in perpetual reincarnation of your soul until it is purified and then you go to heaven. Everybody goes to heaven.
    These false teachings keep the Jewish people from saying Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai. That is why I humbly ask you to please support our international ministry so that we can educate and share the Good News to our Jewish people through the Messianic Prophecies and Scriptural truth.
    South America
    “We have 230,000 Jewish people in Buenos Aires, and we need the Spanish editions as soon as possible! Its so difficult to reach our people, but this is going to be the tool to open the floodgates to our people’s hearts,” said Jorge Goldstein, the main Messianic Jewish leader in Argentina. “Your Bible Project is very important and we will continue to pray for it.”
    Former Soviet Union

    “If you can get it completed even one month early it will make a difference in reaching the people in Odessa, St. Petersburg, Kiev, and Moscow where I have teams of outreach workers who are waiting to get this Bible into Jewish hands,” said leader Vadiim Ostrovsky. “Please tell the people in America that they need to get behind this project as much as they can – it’s a matter of life and death for our people in the Former Soviet Union.”
    Eastern Europe – Poland

    “I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in Poland, and we were never allowed to mention the name of Jesus, but one day a Christian gave me a Bible and showed me the Messianic prophecies, and I accepted Yeshua as my Messiah! Before the Holocaust there were about 3,300,000 Jews living in Poland. About 85% of Polish Jewry was wiped out in the Holocaust, and today there are only 8,000 Jewish people left.

    They also need to know Yeshua! Thank you for being willing to publish this Bible in Polish and Hebrew. I want to organize a team of outreach workers to go to Poland and give every Jewish person there one of your Messianic Prophecy Bibles so they can have eternal life!” Sarah said.

    Exista multe asociatii pro Israel !Dumnezeu sa binecuvanteze toata lucrarea pe care o desfasoara asociatia Messianic Bible Project in Israel.

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  5. rodolfo zice:

    Hi, otnielabattzion ! nice music , I like very much jewish music, Thanks a lot !!!!!!

  6. Lovely song !!!!!!!!! It s superb !!!!!!! God bless you otnielabattzion !!!!!

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